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    20th April 2016 -
    4FOLD calling Philipsburg, St. Martin with Seatrade Click here

    20th March 2016 -
    Brand new boxes delivered to Seatrade in Radicatel. Click here

    29th March 2016 -
    We look back at yet another very successful Intermodal Asia in Shanghai last week.

    The case for the foldable container


    The HCI foldable container brings a revolution to the strained logistics of the world transport system. The HCI foldable container will reduce the excessive costs due to the storage and repositioning of empty containers, resulting in a competitive advantage for HCI's customers.


    4FOLD foldable container

    HCI developed the first 40ft HC foldable container that meets all requirements of the industry. The HCI foldable container is ISO certified and complies with the CSC safety conventions. The HCI design is protected by a number of worldwide patents.



    4FOLD calling Philipsburg, St. Martin with Seatrade

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